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The learning and the experience included in this program will give you the opportunity to reflect on where you've been, where you're going and where you want to go personally or professionally and "Moore"...

Travel is the ultimate learning experience. In a world where students can text or “friend” in the next room or halfway across the world, the possibilities for understanding, respecting, and connecting are endless. What makes our study-abroad programs unique is how our students will experience and explore culture and history through a lens of supremacy, privilege, and oppression.

Additionally, we will examine with depth the context of domestic and global business practices, politics, economics, policymaking, community building, and education.

The Privilege Institute has partnered with Djgora University and The European Center for Leadership and Entrepreneurship Education to offer professionals, teachers students and Moore opportunities starting in 2021.

Global Travel
DU &Moore


The Diversity University & Moore is The Privilege Institute’s department of research, training, education and consultation. DPL & Moore training provides participants with practical skills, tools and strategies for addressing complex and challenging issues related to diversity, power, privilege leadership and inclusion.


The Privilege Institute Keynote Speakers & Consulting Trainings

The Privilege Institute's speaker and consultant training programs are designed to provide opportunities for diversity speakers, trainers, educators, and activists to better understand the business side (#Hustle) to speaking and consulting. Additionally, we will practice ways to develop Moore business plans, strategies, and skills related to marketing, outreach, goal-setting, and mission-visions.


Additionally, these sessions are an opportunity for experienced speakers and consultants to share their work and to do Moore work. TPI believes all speakers and consultants must keep learning and expanding their knowledge and competencies in areas like diversity, multicultural education, culturally relevant teaching, leadership, social justice, race/racism, LGBTQIAA+, religion, and dismantling systems of supremacy, privilege, and oppression.

The TPI Trainings will be offered to a select group of individuals who have a long-standing relationship with us and who could eventually join our developing TPI Speaker's Bureau. Lastly, all speakers and trainers will agree to support our founding principles of Understanding, respecting, and connecting. 


Contact us today to learn more about joining our TPI Speaker and Consultant Trainings or to inquire about bringing one of our speakers or consultants to your organization, school or community.

Recovery & Moore

Recovery & Moore

The Privilege Institute's Recovery & Moore is a new training and consulting initiative that will focus on developing substance use and mental health recovery opportunities. 

  • CCAR Recovery Coach Academy

  • Ethical Considerations for Recovery Coaches

  • Spirituality and Recovery Coaching

  • LGBTQ & Addiction for Providers

  • Healing Centered Engagement

  • Recovery Empowered Language

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