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The Privilege Institute (TPI) provides challenging, informative, and practical strategies, programs, and resources. We equip and empower people, organizations, institutions, and communities committed to action and accountability related to issues of diversity, power, privilege and leadership.


The Privilege Institute:

● Operates and sustains the international annual award-winning conference: the White Privilege Conference (WPC).

● Develops a diverse and multi-disciplinary network of students, educators, diversity practitioners, social workers, faith communities, businesses and community leaders and representatives of the public and private sectors working to advance learning about diversity, power, privilege and equitable leadership .

● Works creatively, courageously, collaboratively and comprehensively with partners who share and/or move forward our mission and vision.

● Provides educational opportunities through regional White Privilege Symposiums, global outreach, a youth summer camp, an international conference, an academic journal, and Moore.


We hope you’ll explore our website, find ways to get involved, support our work, sign up for our newsletter, and stay engaged! If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out! With Understanding, Connecting, and Respecting. 


Dr. Eddie Moore, Jr. Founder/Executive Director, TPI




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