Further expanding the reach of the White Privilege Conference domestically, in 2014. The Privilege Institute developed the White Privilege Symposium model. Symposiums typically take
place on a Friday night, and all day Saturday.


The Regional Symposium Model:

  • Allows a person without the time or resources, or with the desire to sample the WPC experience before attending the full conference, to attend the national conference a chance to experience WPC’s challenging approach to addressing issues related to white supremacy, white privilege and other forms of oppression.

  • Increases impact and capacity of the TPI brand as its annual conference continues to average 1700 – plus participants. TPI will organize three regional symposiums per year in collaboration with a regional host committee.

  • Offers regions the opportunity to explore what issues of power, privilege, and leadership look like specifically in their region.

  • Creates a local/regional, collaborative project that facilitates connections, networks, and inspiration that lives on far beyond the WPS- our social justice footprint.

  • Develop a follow up plan of action that moves community away from “Diversity and Inclusion” and towards comprehensively challenging white supremacy, white privilege, and other forms of oppression.

  • Raise funds for TPI to increase capacity and sustainability to further its mission in your region, nationally, and globally.

WPS History​​

  • LaCrosse, WI Fall 2020

  • Sioux, IA, Spring 2020

  • Otterbein, OH Spring 2020*

  • Rochester, NY Fall 2019

  • Lesley University Fall 2019

  • Highline College, Spring 2019

  • St Norbert College Spring 2019

  • Denver, CO 2018

  • Lynn, MA, 2018

  • Cedar Rapids, IA, 2018

  • Cape Cod, MA Fall 2017

  • Des Moines, IA Fall 2017

  • New England Fall 2016

  • Ontario, Canada Fall 2016

  • New York, NY Winter 2016

  • San Francisco, CA Fall 2015

  • Philadelphia, PA Fall 2014







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