This book brings to life author Linda Sartor's peacekeeping and citizen diplomacy work from 2001 to 2012 when she traveled with several different peace and justice organizations to six war-torn countries: Israel/Palestine, Iraq, Sri Lanka, Iran, Afghanistan, and Bahrain. Her travel was a result of the torment she felt due to the USA's response to the terrorist attack of 9/11. Linda was driven to take action, and protesting was not enough any more. She needed to take a stand with her body that her life as a US citizen was not any more precious than any other lives in the world. She believes the global systems of domination deliberately perpetrate a culture of fear in order to maintain power. Her stories are meant to inspire readers to follow their hearts even when fear is present, with the hope of changing these systems of domination--even if we do not get to witness the changes in our lifetimes.

Turning Fear Into Power - Linda Sartor




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