Every Friday evening 9 year old Joelito goes with his family to MacMann’s for a juicy burger. But this Friday is different. This time, Joelito’s best friend Brandon is standing in a crowd outside the fast food restaurant protesting the low pay his parents earn there. Will Joelito cross the picket line for a tasty burger? Find out in Joelito’s Bigt Decision (La gran decisión de Joelito), in English & Spanish. Ages: 6-12. “…the flow of the story is not only well-paced but lovingly told. It feels natural, as if based on conversations overheard among children. Berlak has a vivid understanding of the issue as seen through the fourth-grader’s eyes… The influence of classic Mexican folkloric art is proudly overt… In fact, the creative visuals should only enhance the readers’ sense of wonder. Camacho is widely celebrated for his murals…The story of workers fighting for dignity and security for their families is ongoing. The heritage of struggle is well told here.” The Cultural Worker “This is a wonderful book taking on a timely topic. What do you do when Friday is your favorite day because you get to go have hamburgers at your favorite restaurant, BUT, when you get there your friends are outside protesting? …Will you stand up or sit down (and eat)? Great story, beautifully told, terrific illustrations, and bilingual... wonderful! Reach and Teach “Through the eyes of fourth-grader Joelito Sánchez and his friends, the story shows the impact of low-wage work on the lives of two families, while pointing to the importance of allies in the struggle. To the best of my knowledge, it’s the one picture book that addresses this particular issue in a way that will resonate with youngest readers and listeners…Galloso’s Spanish version is idiomatic and smooth flowing, and is satisfying and appealing on its own…Kudos to all involved in this gigantically important little book. —Beverly Slapin, Decolores Reviews “Here’s a book for children aged 6-12 years old that is a must buy for parents who want to raise their children to be compassionate and fair to working people. Joelito’s Big Decision is all about deciding and standing for what is fair at an early age.” Justcliqit - the Magazine for Global Citizens. “..the “fight for fifteen” certainly raises legitimate questions. To raise those questions in the classroom is a special mission, and is well executed by Ms. Berlak, who has taken her 50 years of experience in the field of education and produced a work which speaks of social and economic justice at a time when that conversation is sorely needed.” Labor Press

Joelito's Big Decision - Ann Berlak




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