IN/EQUALITY: An Alternative Anthropology Third Edition provides an alternative to mainstream texts that dominate the teaching of many introductory cultural anthropology courses. It is written from a critical political economy perspective with a focus on stratification, and as such it provides a framework for class discussions of questions of social justice. In/Equality challenges students to see their world through a new pair of glasses as it places the United States in the context of social systems around the world, and at various moments in history. Its critical political economy perspective invites student interest and participation. Pem Davidson Buck draws on her twenty years of teaching experience and her equally long years of research, writing, and speaking about the anthropology of inequality and the ideologies that surround stratification. Her most recent work has centered around the political economy of whiteness. She is the author of Worked to the Bone: Race, Class, Power, and Privilege in Kentucky, and of numerous articles.

In/Equality An Alternative Anthropology - Pem Davidson Buck




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