The Privilege Institute programs engage participants in building relationships and improving leadership skills for individuals, organizations, and community knowledge and strategies to better prepare to take action in systematic social change that will benefit local, national and global communities. Programs draw from multiple constituencies including education, healthcare, business, counseling, not for profit, community activist and Moore.

White Privilege Conference

For the past 18 years the WPC has examined challenging concepts of privilege and oppression and offers solution and team building strategies.

The White Privilege Syposium

Further expanding the reach of the White Privilege Conference domestically, in 2014 The Privilege Institute developed the White Privilege Symposium model. Symposiums typically take place on a Friday night, and all day Saturday.

White Privilege Conference Global

The White Privilege Conference - Global (WPC-Global) is an opportunity to engage openly in critical, solutions-based discussions, featuring international thought leaders, to address inequity and social justice as they relate to issues that focus on race from an intersectional perspective.

WPC Journal

A team of experienced facilitators provide a safe and challenging space, geared toward youth of ALL ethnic backgrounds.


Participants are provided with practical skills, tools and strategies for addressing complex and challenging issues related to diversity, power, privilege and equitable leadership. Camp staff includes counselors from diverse background, college campuses and youth organizations. This camp is committed and focused on inspiring, challenging, informing and equipping young people with the skills to be the world leaders of tomorrow all while they engage in fun, creative, interactive activities and build friendships that will last a lifetime.




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