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One Week of Your Life, Will Change the Rest of Your Life.

The Diversity Leadership Institute, a program of The Privilege Institute, is pleased to announce the region’s first ever diversity and leadership overnight summer camp for future leaders (kids entering grades 9-12). Programming includes interactive workshops, keynotes performances, wellness activities, service work, networking with community leaders, and Moore.

All activities and programming are designed to focus on mind, body, and spirit. Participants will be provided practical skill, tools, and strategies for addressing complex and challenging issues related to diversity, power, privilege, leadership, and Moore.

We are excited about the summer camp and look forward to your participation.

Coming Summer 2018

We develop student leaders who are committed to advocating for peace, equity and justice. All sessions will be challenging, interactive, and action oriented.

Our schools, workplaces and community spaces require courageous and competent leaders who are equipped with the skills of Understanding. Respecting. Connecting.

One Week
No Cell Phones*
DLI will be: demanding, supportive, and nurturing.

*We will allow one phone call per week and letters from home.